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Note: An Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA) group has started meeting weekly in HCMC on Thursdays at 7:30pm at Cafe T-Plus. More information below.
Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)/Dysfunctional Families is a Twelve Step, Twelve Tradition program of men and women who grew up in dysfunctional homes.

We meet to share our experience of growing up in an environment where abuse, neglect and trauma infected us. This affects us today and influences how we deal with all aspects of our lives.

More information about who ACA is can be found here and in the literature links below.
ACA Groups in Vietnam
Hanoi Group 

If you are interested in starting an ACA group in Hanoi, please contact jim@acavietnam.org.

Ho Chi Minh City Group  

Thursday, 7:30pm - New Location TBD
DaNang-HoiAn Area Groups 
If you are interested in starting an ACA group in DaNang-HoiAn, please contact jim@acavietnam.org.


A.C.A. World Office (official site)

A.C.A Meetings - Online, Phone, Local

"The Problem" 

"The Solution"

The Laundry List: 14 Traits of an Adult Child of an Alcoholic

The 12 Steps of A.C.A.

The 12 Traditions of A.C.A.

"The Promises"


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